Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Popular folk dance of Maharashtra - Lezium

Lezim is folk dance of Maharashtra, India. In this dance the dancers carry a wooden or metallicrod with metal discs attached to it on a string which produce a jingling sound.This instrument is called Lezim, that's where the dance gets its name from.The dancers dance to the rhythm given by the Dholki (type of Indian drum). It is a kind of sport dance. When i was in school , our PE teacher would take us down to the school grounds and make us practice the Lezim dance. We would then perform it at our annual sports meet. This dance is popularly seen during theGanapathi festivals all over Maharashtra. The dancers follow certain counts and keep to the rhythm while arranging themselves into different formation. I hope they keep teaching young children such folk dances in school so the children are able to keep such bright and beautiful traditions alive.

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